How to Get Started Following Shoulder Physical Therapy

You will be given several treatments by a qualified shoulder physical therapist during your shoulder surgery procedure. Physical therapy is essentially just an exercise regime that gently stretches and strengthens specific joints and muscles in the shoulder and surrounding area. The exercises you will perform are usually gentle stretching exercises designed to restore strength and movement to your shoulder and to encourage proper blood circulation for healing. It’s important to remain proactive in your shoulder physical therapy even after your shoulder surgery as it can have an immediate effect on the results of your surgery and future outcome. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the physical therapy you should do immediately following your shoulder surgery procedure.

– Once you have had your initial consultation with a professional physical therapist, they will go over the details of the procedure, including what type of exercises are most beneficial and what the best exercises are for you. They will likely also start you on a pre-operation warm up routine to improve your range of movement and stability. This pre-operative warm up generally involves light exercise that works the larger muscles of the arms and shoulders, but does not involve any repetitive, forceful motion. A good therapist will make sure that your exercises are not only safe but effective for improving your range of motion.

– After the pre-operative and post-op warm up work, your therapist will teach you how to do the specific exercises that will be most helpful to you following surgery. These exercises are intended to strengthen and improve the function of your shoulder muscles. Examples of good passive motion exercises include gentle stretches and press ups. These kinds of exercises typically target the muscles of the upper back, but can be helpful in other areas of the body as well.

– If you have suffered one or more recent shoulder injuries, you will also need to learn how to properly take care of yourself following surgery. Many people fail to properly use proper exercise and nutrition techniques following their shoulder surgery. Proper and consistent post-surgical weight management is a critical component of post-surgical shoulder physical therapy. Weight management includes eating a healthy diet that is low in protein (to reduce swelling) and carbohydrates (to help heal your muscles) and should be done on a regular basis.

– You will need to learn how to properly get around following shoulder physical therapy. This may include using crutches or having your rehab center hire a caregiver to help you with daily housework. It helps reduce pain from long-term injuries because it keeps your shoulder muscles in a shortened position. In addition, it helps to strengthen your arm bone and cartilage. It also can help you avoid additional shoulder surgery.

Shoulder physical therapy exercises should be performed three times a day, every day for at least five to ten minutes. These exercises are designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the shoulder, neck, and arm. Exercises usually include stretches, pushups, sit-ups, handstand pushups, rope jumping, balance training, and stability training. These exercises help you regain mobility and build new muscle strength after shoulder injuries. These exercises can be performed with a physical therapist or on your own.

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